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    Beton-Lab is a Design Studio specialized in sustainable aesthetic concrete. We design, develop and produce sustainable concrete products because we want to make impact! At Beton-Lab we believe that everything needs to be better and more beautiful. For us and the people around us.

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    Bespoke concrete

    custom concrete

    Exclusive sustainable wall tiles

    Novel Grey

    • "Really beautiful company with high quality products. At Beton-Lab they really think along with the customer about the perfect design!"
    • "Beautiful sustainable concrete designs. It's incredible what they can make from this material. All communication and information was also top-notch."
    • "We were looking for a special wall finish in shape and color for the interior of the new catering establishment. One of the client's wishes was that the business should not feel 'new' when it opened. This was partly due to this unique, hand-cast wall tile. So we could realize both"

    Clean and sustainable concrete

    With 80% Carbon Footprint reduction

    DISCOVER our new CEMENT FREE INORGANIC POLYMER CONCRETE with huge carbon footprint reduction

    Concrete and gold

    Exit sign

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    Concrete and wood

    Concrete awards

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    Wall cladding Pineapple

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    Maven plaque

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    Yellow concrete

    Coat of arms seal Leeuwarden

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