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  • Novel Grey at Milan Design Week – Meeting the Queen

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    From April 18 until April 23 2023, Beton-Lab presented its new Novel Grey collection during the Milan Design Week at the Circolare. Curated by Isola.design, Circolare hosted 58 sustainable and circular presentations under the theme Nothing happens if nothing happens.

    The circolare was hosted at the Pallazo Lombardia on a 4000m2 covered square. At this magnificent location Novel Grey was able to show its collection and tell the story about sustainable concrete and how we are able to create it. We were also able to present our Camber & Curve wall tiles with the mother-in-pearl glitter finish and the glow-in-the-dark tiles.

    Queen Máxima

    The very first guest of the Novel Grey presentation was Dutch Queen Máxima. Interior design is a personal passion for her Majesty, with a special interest for sustainable design. She was eager to learn the key and essence of sustainable concrete and enthusiastic about the look and feel of our wall tiles. When she asked about the application of the tiles one of our suggestions was to use it as art objects on a wall, when she replied: “Wall pieces? You should cover a whole hall with it!”

    Showing and explaining how concrete can be made sustainable helps when you have the material at hand. Making our work tangible through samples, cut throughs and raw material gives people insight in what we do and how it can surround them; making it easier for them to relate and use.


    We look back at a very fruitful and busy week, both on and off from the presentation. A lot of connections have been made and many people were excited by the look and feel of the Novel Grey tiles and the possibilities to use them! We look forward to all the future cooperations that will emerge from our presentation.

    Be sure to check out our Novel Grey collection or contact us below.