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  • Novel Grey

    Our Story

    Novel Grey is the sum of years of research, experimentation and design with aesthetic concrete. Through Novel Grey, Marjolein and Jan-Paul Deurloo can share their discoveries and innovations with a larger target group.

    “That way they too can experience our passion and make it their own, so that they create a setting that suits them. By listening, looking ahead and innovating, we are able to create impressive, authentic, handmade wall tiles and objects. Lush in shape and full of tactility. Sustainable in its core.”

    Our Discovery

    Due to our hunger for new experiences and knowledge about materials, we discovered a beautiful effect of concrete, for which we have developed a new production process. It gave us the opportunity to finally create those special designs with an exciting finish that we had long envisioned.

    However, we are far from done with ‘playing’. Concrete gives us so many possibilities that we will be releasing many more special designs in the future. The most important discoveries were shared immediately! For example, we have discovered how we can process waste into concrete. Old rubble, burnt and crushed ores from the steel industry, gas particles from computer chips, et cetera. That, in combination with the fact that little energy is needed to harden concrete and that it is easy to recycle, makes it a wonderfully sustainable product with a CO2 reduction of up to 80%!

    Our Material

    The design and application that we have in mind are to a large extent the choice for the composition of our concrete. By experimenting a lot, we have created a palette of materials and finishes that we are eager to share. At Novel Grey we work with 3 different types of concrete; from slightly sustainable to very sustainable.

    Our artisan mix ARC

    enables us to work very thin with an authentic concrete look and feel. This mix has a unique set of ingredients with a special kind of cement. The cement is produced at a much lower temperature than ordinary concrete, which safes a lot of CO2 and due to its fast setting more energy is saved. This gives the tiles a robust look and beautiful matte effect. Available in 10 colors. If you go for matt tiles, the environmental benefit is about 25% in comparison to ordinary concrete.

    Our recycle mix RRC

    is a fibre-reinforced concrete based, on Portland cement and granulate of rubble and has a very high strength. The recycled granulate has a grain size of 0-4mm and replaces a substantial part of the cement and sand. The rubble can come from anywhere as long as it’s an inorganic material. This can be a bunker from WWII, but also the former business premises of a client. By using old concrete as a raw material again, we save on transport, cement and sand! The tactile glossy tiles that we can make with this mix, form the basis for us and are unique in their kind. Available in 10 colors. If you go for lustrous and refined, the environmental benefit is at least 35%

    Our cement-free mix IPC

    Inorganic Polymer Concrete is Novel Grey’s showpiece. The cement is replaced by by-product (former waste) of the metal industry. Which was only good for landfill. instead of polluting, it can now be used for good. It not only ensures a beautiful appearance, but also provides an enormous sustainability boost. Cement has a huge CO2 footprint, while our cement substitutes have a very small CO2 Footprint, because it’s actually waste. In addition, our tiles are fully recyclable. Once crushed again to the original size of the grains, they can be used again as a binding agent. Due to the large amount of iron oxide in the composition, the color of the concrete is brown-grey. Available in marbled and solid brown-grey. Other gradations in this color can be discussed. If you go for shiny, cement-free concrete, your environmental benefit is almost 80% compared to ordinary concrete!

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