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    Our choice for concrete wasn’t an easy, but certainly the right one. Concrete is a versatile material to work with, a technologically advanced product and when used in the right way, also wonderful to look at. Every application requires its own composition. So there is no fixed recipe for concrete. It is also true that every application needs its own processing method. Which can be casting, pouring, apply by hand, trowel, spraying, vibrating, but also wooden molds, plastic or rubber molds, et cetera. Concrete also offers the opportunity to work sustainably. All raw materials and aggregates are of local origin. In addition, they are partly waste products that can be used as raw materials after recycling.

    Both our designs for our regular assortment, as well as the designs we make in commission, are hand made in Utrecht. Our molds are designed in such a way that we handle the available materials as efficiently as possible. And the raw materials are precisely weighed to produce concrete with as little waste as possible. In short, there is virtually no waste. Almost everything is re-used by us and just a few is thrown away. And that is good news for our environment of which we are all responsible!

    Traditionally, cement, one of the main components of concrete, is a product with a very high CO2 footprint. Through the application of new technologies in the production of cement and other aggregates, this is rapidly being reduced. Both our suppliers and we are very involved with this. That means that our designs are not only friendly to our environment, but also last a lifetime.




    In our designs, the end result is always leading in the choice of design and production techniques, the materials and raw materials to be used. Form over function or function over form is not a discussion for that matter. It’s synergy all over! Nevertheless, our designs do have a bit of character. We like to give warmth, softness, refinement and elegance to our products … But with a rough edge.

    And our ultimate goal? All our designs give a wow-factor, so everyone who sees and feels them, feels surprised and happy!