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    Product design

    Due to our passion for learning new techniques and materials and growing our experience, we’ve managed to acquire an extensive set of skills and knowledge. A design starts with an idea, a wish or even just a thought. It can emerge out of one of our experiments, but also by seeing or experiencing. Or just out of the simple need of someone else.

    Design proces

    When the idea is born, the design starts with some simple sketches, which after some time evolves into a 3D model. After the first scale models of clay or 3D printed plastic, we get to work with the technique. What appearance should the material have? What composition do we need? Which production technique are we going to use? All of these questions come up in the process. By testing with small models, we can go through multiple iterations in a short time frame, making the design process fast.

    Proof of concept

    After we have found the ideal combination of wish, design and technology, we start with making the first model. The next step is to make a mold that is derived from the model. The first proof of concept comes from this mold. From that moment on, we are 95% on the right track. The design can be finally approved, while we can fine-tune the production process and the concrete finish. As soon as the proof of concept is completely ready and approved, we set up production to produce efficient, but above all, beautiful products. Once properly set up, production is virtually waste-free.

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