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  • Project Connection Tree

    Annabel Schouten

    Connection Tree Utrecht


    Together with versatile artist and artist Annabel Schouten, we will make Connection Trees together and on behalf of the Municipality of Utrecht in 2022 and 2023. In every neighborhood in Utrecht, a Winter Linden will be placed in 2022 in consultation with local residents. Traditionally, the Winterlinde is a tree under which people gather and meet. A ring of 43 footprints has been placed around each of these Lime trees by local residents. Alternately, left and right, old and young, their footprints are placed in white concrete tiles. Like annual rings in a tree, the footprints of residents are placed around the tree as annual rings, thus connecting the neighbourhood. The second ring will be placed in 2023. After 2023, local residents can choose whether they want to continue building with new growth rings. This is how this living work of art continues to grow!

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