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  • Project Innofest

    Live testing at The Liberation Festival

    ValidationLab Innofest


    Test like the best! Together with Innofest, we built a hopscotch made of cement-free geopolymer concrete during the Utrecht Liberation Festival. Innofest helps startups bring their innovation to market faster by testing it at festivals and living labs. Read more about it here: Test case Beton-Lab @ Innofest

    Our Novel Grey wall tiles made of cement-free concrete have a CO2 reduction of 76% compared to ordinary concrete. However, very different requirements are set for a floor or outdoor tile than for a wall tile. To see how such an outdoor tile with a different composition functions in production and use, we made 9 different tiles with 9 different compositions. Is it simple or complex to make, how do certain additives react in the cement-free concrete, how do you make it lighter and the most important question; does it stay intact? There was a lot of jumping and hopping. Even the king’s commissioner did a test run!

    When 1500(!) people hop and jump over your path in one day, you will receive a lot of valuable information in a very short time. We are now using that experience to develop new tiles!

    Do you want to know more about this project, are you interested in your own design, do you want to test something with us, or would you like us to develop something for you? Then please contact us.

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