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  • Project Living Facade


    Living Facade


    Commissioned by Victor Retel Helmrich of design studio RHeia, we made a living facade for the exhibition City = Nature in Kunstloc Brabant.

    The living facade consists of 5 elements, each 90 cm wide and 50 cm high in an L shape, so it can be placed around a corner. An organic recess has been made in the facade for rainwater drainage. Due to the many ridges, holes and pools in the organic form, water remains behind and offers space for lichen, (lichen) mosses and eventually even wild plants to grow and thus become a living green facade in the city. By embracing the green instead of fighting it on the concrete surface, nature comes close without being a nuisance.

    The facade was first part of the exhibition City = Nature in Tilburg and will really be used as a facade element after the exhibition.

    Read more about it here: Greening cities: creative makers ensure awareness and innovation (mestmag.nl in Dutch)

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