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  • Sustainability at Beton-Lab


    As far as we are concerned, sustainability is an intrinsic motivation. That’s why we recycle our materials, work with molds with a long product life cycle, we produce to the gram to save waste and we work with local raw materials and suppliers. The choice for concrete is therefore logical. It has a durable character due to its strength. We also design with that in mind. Our work lasts a lifetime. In this way we are already taking a big step towards sustainable concrete.

    Inorganic polymer concrete

    However, if you look at the ingredients of concrete, there is still a lot to be gained in terms of sustainability. One kilo of concrete also costs one kilo of CO2. And that is a lot when you realize that in the Netherlands alone some 31 million tons are used per year. Fortunately, we are working on an alternative. Geopolymer concrete or better said; inorganic polymer concrete, is a cement-free concrete with a Carbon footprint reduction of about 80%. This technique is new in the Netherlands. We want to apply this in all our designs. Inorganic polymer concrete is just as strong and functional as regular concrete. But in addition to being strong and durable, geopolymer concrete must also be workable for us and the result must meet our aesthetic standards. After a year and a half of testing and experimenting, the first designs are now being executed in this special material. With this research, we are the first in the Netherlands to apply this cement-free sustainable concrete in everyday objects.

    Circular concrete

    Sustainable concrete is preferably also circular. Until recently, however, concrete could only be recycled into rubble as a foundation for roads. Fortunately, it is now possible to recycle concrete in every conceivable grain size. In fact, the DNA of your project; your building rubble, stone, concrete from the wall or floor, can serve as raw material for your assignment! This makes concrete really circular!

    You can now find recycled concrete in some of our designs. We are working hard to ensure that all our work will soon be provided with recycled concrete, without this being at the expense of our aesthetic and functional requirements!

    So keep an eye on our site, contact us, or sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of the page). We like to share our successes. Not in the least, because others can also benefit from it!

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