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  • Novel Grey wins prestigious Isola Design Award

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    Novel Grey has won the Sustainability Award during the important Milanese Isola Design Awards ceremony. we were awarded the prize for our luxurious wall tiles, made of sustainable concrete. Novel Grey knows how to make exceptional three-dimensional tiles with this new sustainable material. With this, we want to make a responsible and aesthetic contribution to making interiors more sustainable.

    The Isola Design Awards aim to enable designers to be innovative in their products and design processes by experimenting with existing technologies and creating new ones. Out of 12 categories: Furniture, Seating, Lighting, Tableware, Textile, Product, Material, Mobility, Sustainability, Digital, Outdoor, Innovation, Novel Grey received the Award for Sustainability.

    The Novel Grey wall tiles are so special because the company uses the positive properties of concrete, without dealing with the high CO2 emissions associated with concrete by using landfill as raw material. By creating cementitious material out of waste of the metal industry we have managed to reduce the carbon footprint of concrete by 76%. The tiles are cast in all kinds of shapes and are room temperature cured, saving on curing energy as well. Thus we follow the principle of Re-use, Re-duce and Re-cycle.

    Better and more beautiful

    Our motto is ‘making the world a more beautiful and better place.’ By making beautiful and special wall tiles from sustainable concrete, we want to be part of the solution for a better and healthier future. This award confirms that the market also needs this. It is a stepping stone to even more innovations which we are working hard on, because it always has to be better and more beautiful!”

    Globally relevant

    To achieve the Sustainability Development Goals 2050, we all face an enormous task. Something that we also notice from the reactions from the market. Since we started early last year, samples are shipped all over the world; from New York to Seoul and from Milan to London. And also to Tallinn, Stockholm, Paris and may more. In addition, we reached the top 5 in the Utrecht Innovation Top 20, we are among the Top 100 best Dutch Designs of 2022, now the Isola Design Award and there is also a nomination for the Green Product Award in March!

    Do you want to change the future with us together? Do you want to experience the same feeling the jury had? Request a sample and enjoy our wonderful wall tiles!